Risk assessment and preparation of contingency plans

Risk assessment and preparation of contingency plans became one of the major areas of specialization of MEKE Kazakhstan. With its highly experienced and well trained personnel MEKE Kazakhstan provides Risk Management, Preparation of Contingency Plans and Geographic Response Plans (GRPs) for its national and international customers.

Geographic Response Plans are site-specific response plans for oil spills. They include response strategies tailored to much more locations such as specific beaches, shores, river crossings and meant to minimize impact on sensitive areas threatened by the spill. Geographic Response Plans have tight integration with sensitivity mapping studies and includes additional protection and clean-up strategies. MEKE’s knowledge on equipment manufacturing and clean-up operation services helps to determine the locations of GRPs accurately.

In these anaylses site location, detailled area information, GPS Coordinates, Sensitive area information, maps, precautions, distances to base, vehicle access, river and sea conditions are written on manuals.

Contingency Plans Cover :
  • Sensitivity Mapping
  • Oil Spill Modelling
  • Containment Site Identification
  • Response Scenarios
  • Drills

Spill Modelling and Sensitivity Mapping

A computer based simulation model MEKESLIK is developed for predicting the fate and transport of oil spills on the sea surface within the impact area of each and every coastal installation.

Predictions made by the oil spill model gives the percentage of the evaporated oil , spread oil on the sea surface, dispersed oil into the seawater column and oil impacted coastline.

Oil spills can devastate ecosystems and severely impact water quality. Sensitivity Mapping is one of the key features of the oil spill contingency planning and response efforts. Using these maps spill-response teams evaluate the potential impact of oil along a shoreline and prioritize the placement and allocation of resources during cleanup efforts
  • Sensitivity Mapping Reports includes the detailed information grouped in sections as ESI shoreline types, biological and human resources. MEKE Kazakhstan uses international standardized symbol libraries, definitions and terminology while preparing sensitivity mapping reports.